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Mitchell High Training


QualDes provide training packages tailored to your business procedures. Our training empowers your staff, enhances your company performance and focuses on your important issues. We offer training in areas of Food Safety and Product Development!

  • Are you fed up with training providers who cover general topics and do not relate to your own companies procedures and policies?
  • Do you have a high absentee rate?
  • Does no one take responsibility?
  • Do the same mistakes keep being made?

Training custom-designed to suit

QualDes recognises that the training and development requirements of every organisation are different. This is why we offer training that is customised to your exact needs.

QualDes can deliver a course that uses your internal documentation as practical examples, as well as including workshop activity directly related to your products and services.

We can also create a completely unique agenda. We are happy to work with you to mix and match various elements of our training to create a tailored course that caters specifically to the individual requirements of your organisation.

QualDes training packages include:

  • Induction Food Safety & HACCP Training
  • Refresher Food Safety & HACCP Training
  • Training on your own CCPs and CQPs
  • Pre-Requisite Programs Training

We come to you and conduct training on your site.  We also have available to you, our own on-site training facility, which accommodates for up to 20 people.


Course information

Training in quality, safety and measurement
Basic casual induction training
Intermediate full induction training
Food Safety & HACCP for the Supervisor and HACCP Team
Workshops in SQF, BRC and WQA
Understanding the Food Standards Code
Implementation of ISO9001
Training in new product development
Functionality of Ingredients – Starches, stabilizers and emulsifiers
Bakery technology
High-acid foods – Sauces and mayonnaise
Formulating for a healthier product
Food safety for the NPD technologist

Should you be interested in receiving information and training in a topic area that is not listed above, please don’t hesitate to contact us.