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QualDes provide a Health Check Audit so you will have a stream lined quality system that brings you to the forefront of the food industry ensuring highest quality products and delighted customers

Is your quality system unmanageable, too many forms, out dated?
Does the system seem out of touch with the needs of your business?
Are you ready for your upcoming audit QualDes have a fresh pair of eyes to look at your business?

QualDes have a fresh pair of eyes to look at your business.


Call us to conduct:

  • Pre audit check to ensure your system meets all requirements
  • Internal audits and implement changes as a result
  • GMP audits
  • Foreign Object (bag) audits
  • Allergen audits
  • Process flow and CCP reviews
  • Upgrade of HACCP Plan as a result of a change to process or addition of new line
  • Upgrade to a new standard
  • Upgrade to a new version of an existing standard
  • Management review of HACCP Plan
  • Food safety training
  • Cultural change at floor level
  • Trouble shooting of quality issues
  • Customer complaint investigation
  • Implementation of Listeria control programs
  • Root cause analysis of non-conformances
  • WQA
  • SQF
  • BRC
  • Subway Supplier Expectations
  • Vulnurable Persons Food Safety Scheme implementation (aged care sector)
  • Fresh Vegetables Processing under the Plant Products Scheme
  • Food Safety Supervisor requirements (Retail outlets and Restaurants)
  • Staying off the NSW Food Authority ‘Name and Shame’ list, and
  • Victorian Retail and Food Service Business Food Safety Program.
How do we do it?

QualDes are committed to working in your business, for your business.

We adopt a practical and hands-on approach to food safety, placing a focus on generating employee buy-in, defining responsibility and deliverables, and establishing realistic and achievable timeframes.

We understand that cultural changes are sometimes challenging, particularly for established organisations, so we provide guidance on how to effectively introduce gradual changes for long-term organisational adoption.