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NPD and Reformulation

Our qualified consultants are innovative, passionate and creative Foodies!

We provide product development services from product concept to market for all categories.

  • Do you have a new and exciting product idea but not sure how to proceed?
  • Looking for innovation for your current product range?
  • Are you out of ideas for promotions or Limited Time Offer?
  • Would you like to increase your volumes?
  • Need a contract packer, ingredient supplier or packaging supplier?
  • Do you have a product that’s needs improvement?  

Product development that inspires the palate

QualDes will provide a complete solution:

  • Facilitate and participate in idea screening and brainstorming sessions
  • Provide information on the latest trends, technology and ingredients to ensure your product is successful on the market.
  • Work closely with you to construct the winning formula.
  • Project Manage the entire project, from concept development through to product launch
  • Develop a product that is legislatively-compliant, meets your Nutritional claims and required shelf life
  • Source, and work with, suppliers of ingredients and packaging, and if required co-packers, that are reputable leaders in the food industry.
  • Provide product presentations, manage factory trials, make formula adjustments
  • Provide a confidential and cost-effective service, delivering quality outcomes within short timeframes to ensure your food product is first to market.  

We capture your possibilities and make them reality.

In addition, we specialise in the development of:

  • Organic food development
  • New and innovative food products to match market trends (such as convenience foods in response to changing lifestyles)
  • Products responding to current areas of public interest in nutrition (such as low-fat or low-carbohydrate)
  • Food products in line with special requirements (such as the national requirements for school canteens or to meet particular nutritional claims)
  • Economy lines to appeal to the lower-income market, and luxury lines to appeal to those with affluent tastes, and
  • Innovative, cost-effective formulations that deliver long-term cost reductions for your organisation, ensuring your product is both technically and economically viable.