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Business Efficiency

QualDes identify cause and deliver Food Safety Systems to bolster profit, manage risk, improve efficiencies

  • Facing continual quality issues in the factory?
  • Missing targets because of down time?
  • Looking to boost efficiency?
  • Expensive customer re-audits?
  • Is your quality system unmanageable, too many forms, out dated?
  • Are your systems in touch with the needs of your business?
  • Need speed to market for your Product Development process?
  • Looking for longer shelf life?
  • Is your product safe and stable?

How do we help?

  • Provide a fresh pair of eyes to look over your business.  
  • Seeking areas for improvement across the total business – machine productivity, process flow and efficiency, waste, downtime, staff motivation.
  • Effective introduction of gradual change for long-term organisational adaption and adoption.

A project completed by QualDes

We were asked to upgrade a company’s quality system to meet ISO 22,000 standard.  It became obvious that there were other issues that were impacting on our ability to implement the system.  First of all the current system was not available to the staff and was not understood by any of the production staff.  Secondly there was an unacceptable amount of breakdown on the line which caused staff to be very frustrated as they could not meet their production deadlines.  Thirdly there was a huge amount of waste product being generated and large numbers of customer complaints.

We spent some time identifying the cause of the breakdowns and getting them fixed.  We introduced the quality system on the factory floor and made them responsible for the quality of the product they manufactured.  We introduced an extensive training program and identified the cause of the customer complaints. The down time has reduced by 75%, and as a result they now meet their production targets.  They now have a happy and well-motivated staff.